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Teaching and support designed just for you.

TL:DR - I offer a broad range of individualized training and support. Contact me and share what you're looking for. All pricing is negotiated reflecting the nature of your request and the level of support needed. Click the link below to get started – or read on for more details.

The photos below all show two subjects–reinforcement of personalized, ONE-TO-ONE training and support services.

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So, just what is it you're offering here?


What I'm NOT offering here is any one-size-fits-all training or support solution. Every individual photographer/artist out there is at a different point in their journey and has a different way of learning.

Every class, workshop, or program being offered en-masse on the internet represents a series of compromises. I've heard it said that bringing back a single nugget of new information makes a workshop a success.

Can you imagine the value when every minute of interaction is directed at you aloneI want to work with you in a one-to-one, private, in-person or virtual environment.  A class of two.       

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Why should I try this approach?

Let's face it. There are boatloads of free and fee-based tutorials, videos, workshops, step-by-step written instructions–even comprehensive systems for learning your way around the software you use to process your photographs.

And it's no wonder they exist. Talented instructors are able to sell largely ineffective, one-size-fits-all approachesto multiple buyers. And in many cases, that approach is fine. Especially if you don't mind clicking through search results and getting started with dozens of options until you find what you're looking for.

But there's nothing like individual support to address your specific learning goals. I can give you much greater value for your timewhen you sit down with me and we address your specific processing or technical goals.

I can provide effective individualized support in several ways (including digital teleconference) with screen sharing in both directions. I can tailor a plan to meet your specific needs at a competitive cost. One that's typical of private lessons in other creative pursuits (music, art, etc.) in your area.

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Can you give me 5 good reasons to work with you? 

1. I'M NOT TRYING TO MAKE A LIVING AT THIS. I simply enjoy helping out a few fellow hobbyists.

2. I KNOW HOW TO TEACH. My professional background is in education. I know how to assess the best methods for individual clients and how to tailor my support to match your learning style.

3. I'M A SKILLED HOBBYIST PHOTOGRAPHER. I may not be a professional photographer, but just take a look around the site and you'll see what kind of photographer I am. I've actually made a little money selling a few photos. Nothing to write home about, but if you see something here you like click here

4. I'VE TAUGHT COMPUTER APPLICATION AND PROGRAMMING TO KIDS AND ADULTS. I know my way around all the major computer operating systems and common photographic processing and cataloging software

5. I CAN HELP YOU BUILD A WEBSITE. The one we're on right now is a combination of a preset theme (from SmugMug) and a few workaround modifications. I've built a few WordPress sites too. 

6. THERE ARE WAY MORE THAN FIVE REASONS. But let's not waste any time. I know what you want. You want examples. Read on...

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How about 5 examples of stuff you teach really well? 

1. SOFTWARE: My favorite programs include Photoshop and Lightroom but I'm familiar with many others. I can find my way around almost any software and I've spent time on lots of other products. Just ask. I'll be straight about what I know.

2. OPERATING SYSTEMS: I'm a native macOS guy, but I'm also fluent in Windows. I'm a certified Google Workspace administrator and I play well with Office applications, Pages, PowerPoint, Acrobat, and other productivity products. 

3. CAMERA OPERATIONS: I'm a big fan of fundamentals when it comes to camera operation. My go-to setting is everything in manual mode. Understanding the exposure triangle and basic technique is a crucial part of success in the digital realm. I use primarily Fujifilm gear.

4. PRINTING: If you're interested in digital printing, I'm traveling that road too. I can help you understand soft-proofing, ICC profiles, picking the right printer, and understanding the nuances of matching color from file to screen to print. My current printer is an Epson SureColor P900.

5. CATALOGING and DIGITAL ASSET MANAGEMENT (DAM): I've built a well-organized Digital Asset Management system and have a very effective,  inexpensive 3-2-1 backup system for my digital media. 

 6. Yeah... I know. Way more than five things here. And yet there's so much more... The point is, I've got you covered. AND I WON'T PRETEND THAT I CAN HELP IF YOUR INTERESTS AND MY ABILITIES DON'T ALIGN. So that's gonna bring us to the bottom line, isn't it?...

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How much is this gonna set me back?

THE BOTTOM LINE: You're not going to find a dollar amount on the site for my services. The whole idea is to create a plan that works for you. If I can help you out of a jam quickly, it's gonna be different than if you want an ongoing series of lessons to improve your skills in Lightroom or Photoshop. 

You're going to need to tell me aboutwhat you needand how much time you want to dedicate to itWe can set up a pay-as-you-go plan, or you can plop down some cash and we'll work together 'til it dries up. 

If you have a specific project and want a flat fee let me know; we'll work something out. 

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Okay. I'm ready to give this a try. How do we get this party started?  

It all starts with a simple email. Just click the GREEN LINK below. Tell me something about what you're looking for. What do you have to lose? By the way, you can also use the CONTACT link on the top left sidebar anywhere on the site.  It'll do exactly the same thing that the link below does. 

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