Who I am:

My name is William Banning, and I live in Santa Barbara, California. You can call me Bill.  Glad to see you've made it this far while poking around my website.

Recently, I retired after a long career in public education. I taught computer software, and programming  (to kids and adults). I was a school yearbook advisor and a middle school principal. I held several successful educational leadership positions and finished my career as a district superintendent in Santa Barbara County. I've had a camera in my hands for as long as I can remember.

I'm a teacher first but being a photographer comes in a close second. Writing pops up somewhere near the top of my list, too.  My unusual combination of experience, skill, and passion allows me to support you in a wide range of technical and creative endeavors.

What I Offer:

I offer a broad range of individualized training and support. Click the "contact me" button below and let me know what you need. We'll negotiate all pricing to reflect the nature of your request and the level of support you need. Check out this page for more details on the education and training I offer.

If you're just here looking for cool photography, I hope you find my work appealing. If you'd like to grab some of it for yourself, I offer some standard greeting card sets and individual options to put favorites together in a custom set. I also offer prints of almost anything you see on the site. If you want to buy printed versions of my work, check your options and learn more here.

If anything on the site piques your interest; if you've got questions; if you'd like to know when I add new content or, if you just want to reach out and say hello; click on the contact button below and send me a note.

And... if you want to dig a little deeper into who I am and how I think, check out BillsEye, a new blog I'm writing over on Medium.com.

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